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Watering Hole Possibilities: Remedy (Jasper)

So I’m in the market for a hangout, A place to sit for hours ordering hot beverages and reading, or writing, or chatting with friends, someplace with a bit of personality and preferably some delicious grub. 

I have the privledge of living in downtown Edmonton where places like this easy to come by so I’m sampling out a few to take stock of what my choices are. My formal search for a favourite watering hole begins today.

REMEDY (Jasper Ave. location)

When the “Remedy - Opening Soon” signs went up on their Jasper Ave. location I was thrilled. My friends and I already frequented the other location and if I could find an excuse to be on that side of the bridge I would stop in and grab a wrap to go - but this location is steps from my apartment. That being said, it’s a bit of a trek on a snowy day like today - and finding parking near the area is nearly impossible, but as soon as the weather warms and I get my walking legs back it’s a hop, skip and jump away.

It’s certainly shinier than the original location that has a lived it “student apartment” look (which works well as it’s so near the University). But it seems to have brought all of the best parts of the original Remedy - the choice of cakes and pastries the stacks of different kinds of tea and the varieties of alcohol. The clientele seems fairly similar, and there are just as many people scribling in notebooks or clicking away at laptops or splayed out accross the comfy chairs with friends in a kind of a squatting nature that lets you know they’re probably not just there for a quick meal. It is significantly quieter there - though it might just have been because I was there on a Sunday afternoon - but that could also be condusive to focusing on whatever I happen to be doing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The food is of course still spectacular. I’ve had a couple of things there and they taste exactly like they do at the original location. My favourite is the Palak Chicken Wrap; spicy chicken with a spinach, goat cheese and chick peas wrapped in a pita and served with a sweet tangy sauce that I love, love, love. And of course I’ve never eaten anything at Remedy without a chai - it’s really what they do best. Oh and their red velvet cake is a-MAZ-ing.

It’s great but I think it lacks the coziness and “lived in” feel of the original location, it’s only been open a couple of weeks so I don’t think it’s found it’s groove yet on Japser Ave. And I feel like some of their staff are still being broken in - last week I had someone take my order who couldn’t say “masala” - seriously?! You work at Remedy…

So big points for food but needs a bit of breaking in. And in spite of the fact that their chai is great - I’m really a coffee girl at heart.

Let’s see how it stacks up against some of the other locations in the ‘hood.

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